Borrow any amount directly from UK lenders. Thousands of UK investors are looking to earn interest by lending directly to businesses. Our platform enables businesses to borrow any amount from lenders at an attractive interest for both borrower and lender without going through a bank.

Fast and easy borrowing process

We have a fast and simple loan approval process that ensures that businesses get approval for listing a loan quickly. Our auction process will typically be 30 days but can be increased or decreased depending on the situation. We provide full flexibility.

Diversify your funding source

Businesses typically go to banks for funding, but thanks to regulation changes peer to peer lending has become a credible alternative. You can diversify your funding sources to include loans on our platform. Lending is quick and flexible for your business.

Define the terms of your business loan

Businesses can define the length of the loan, frequency of payment and type of interest payments. We work with you to define an appropriate interest rate based on your credit profile. We intend to run online auctions to define interest rates, but we cannot do this efficiently until we have enough investors.

Find other lenders using your social media accounts

Most businesses use social media to engage with and market their products and services. Our platform provides the functionality to share your loan with lenders in your social networks. You can invite your customers and encourage them to share the loan with their networks.

Payback Interest in cash or 'in kind'

Paper Street enables businesses to payback interest in either cash or 'in kind.' Many businesses choose to pay investors in products or services to encourage customers to lend. Payment in kind is cheaper for businesses and rewards faithful customers who are willing to lend.

How do we make money?

We are not a bank and as such we charge lower transaction fees.

We charge borrowers a percentage of the loan depending on the amount borrowed. See our FAQs section for our schedule

We charge lenders 1% maintenance fee annually on the loan principal. See our FAQs section for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a business borrow on the platform?

Simply go to ‘Request a loan’ on the banner and apply to us for a loan. We will contact you to discuss the required documents to post the loan on our platform. You will have to join the platform and create a business profile before the loan is posted.

What type of funding can I raise on Paper Street?

Paper Street is a debt-funding platform and only lending is allowed on the platform, we are not an equity crowdfunding platform. We provide lending for growth funding.

What is the length of the funding that I can obtain?

The length of funding will depend on several factors including the underlying credit risk rating of the business, and the interest rate on the loan. In practice, this will likely fall in the range of 1 to 3 years.

Is there a minimum and maximum amount of funding I can obtain through Paper Street?

You can borrow from £20,000 to £2m on our platform